Fraction Wall | Free Fun Fraction Posters for kids

Download these fascinating fraction wall sheets for making learning fractions fun for the kids. If the learning process is made interactive and appealing, it becomes easy for kids to understand. You can find more fractions posters and worksheets here.

What are fractions?

A fraction is simply a piece of a whole number. When we divide a cake into two parts, consider each part as a fraction that is 1/2. Combining these two fractions gives us a whole cake. 

What is a Fraction wall?

A fraction wall consists of fractions that combine to make up one whole number in each layer.

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These fractions walls are helpful for kids to visualize fractions. Use this visual aid both in the classroom and at home to clear the concept of kids.

Either download the blank and white printable and ask kids to colour it or paste the coloured fractions printable in the classroom to support the teaching of the fractions.

Fraction wall
Fractions wall worksheet

Fractions wall worksheet

Fractions walls

Cut and paste the coloured fractions on blocks or fruits and get your kids to join them.

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