2D Shapes Worksheets | Free Printables

Understanding shapes is a necessary tool for learning many curriculum areas such as math, language and reading. Shapes awareness assists children in identifying and analyzing visual information. Colours and shapes also help in cognitive skill development. We have made these A4 worksheets which will be useful in teaching your kids 2d shapes. Make recognizing shapes fun with these simple 2d shapes worksheets. Get your youngster to learn 2d shapes with these exciting and educational activities which will enhance their focus skills.

The 2D shapes included in these worksheets are circle, square, oval, triangle, rectangle, pentagon, octagon, hexagon, heptagon, rhombus, trapezoid, star, heart, crescent, arrow and parallelogram.

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Colour the 2d shapes Printable


In this worksheet, kids will colour the 2d shapes and try to remember shape names.


names of 2d shapes


Colour by the code 2d shapes worksheet


Colour by the code activity will make it easy for kids to identify 2d shapes and will help in their cognitive development.


colour by code 2d shapes worksheets


Colour the pictures that match the 2d shape


This 2d shapes worksheet will help kids to relate shapes with real world.


2d shapes worksheets


Shape Patterns


Cut and paste the correct shape to complete the pattern.


2d shapes worksheets


Count the shapes


Colour and count the shapes to answer the questions.



Count the sides and corners


In this worksheet, Kids have to count the number of sides and corners of the 2d shapes.



Cut and paste the 2d shapes


Cut and paste the shapes to make the picture of a house.



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I hope you enjoy these fun shapes worksheets.


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